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Being a small company we rely on external freight companies to distribute our GRAM and Elcold low energy refrigeration products within New Zealand.   As such, there is an additional charge to adequately package and send these products to you.

Before they leave our store, all products are tested and run to ensure they are operating to specifications.

  • A pull-down test is carried out to confirm that the thermostat/s and compressor/s are working correctly.

  • At this point, we can change the door hinges if required from the standard right-side hinging to left-side hinging.

  • The interiors of the cabinets are inspected and checked to ensure they are clean and that all accessories are included.   

  • The exterior of the cabinets are cleaned and checked for any marks, dents or scratches.

  • All hinges and seals are checked carefully.

  • Product is then plastic wrapped, and with polystyrene on all corners and edges.  

  • A final wrapping of double thickness corrugated cardboard is then applied.

Shipping instructions and handling labels are then applied, including:-

  • Fragile

  • Warning - Whiteware

  • Fragile Contents

  • Do Not Truck This Side

  • Top Load Only

  • This Way Up

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