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The ClassicLine  Fridge

This goes hand in hand with their 3 STAR Energy Ratings.

The ClassicLine Fridges offer many other great features alongside their exceptional energy performance


    The more stars,

            the more efficient!


The SUPER COOL function of the ClassicLine fridge allows for quick cooling of  fresh food which has just been placed inside

The GLASS SHELVES and DOOR STORAGE can be placed in various positions within the cabinet to suit your own requirements

The AIR CLEAN FILTER and the internal AIR SYSTEM help in the prevention of unpleasant odours and temperature stability within the fridge

The innovative CONTROL PANEL located on the front, makes operating and viewing of the fridge's settings easy

The FRESH ZONE drawer which slides out easily, is kept at a lower temperature to keep meat, dairy and vegetables fresher for longer

The exterior design is simple and elegant with the full length handle giving it a seamless appearance

NOTE:  All GRAM and ELCOLD refrigeration units must be powered by either mains power or a pure sinewave inverter.
The use of a modified sinewave or squarewave inverter will void any warranty claim and may result in damage to the unit.

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