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301 Litres

255 kWhrs / Year

860 H x 730 D x 1300 W (mm)

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Chest Freezer

Freezer Volume (net/gross)
301 / 301 Litres

External Dimensions H / W / D
                          Incl Handles and Hinges
860 / 1300 / 730 mm

Internal Dimensions
H x G x E/F : 650 x 450 x 1100/900 mm
See diagram below

Height with lid open
1560 mm

Cabinet Finish

Insulation Thickness
100 mm

Energy Star Rating (NZ / Australia)

Voltage / Hz (Mains Power Operation
230 VAC / 50 Hz

Yearly Energy Consumption @ 32°C
255 kWh per year
Daily Energy Consumption @ 32°C
0.70 kWh per day

Yearly Energy Consumption @ 25°C  
234 kWh per year

Noise Level
48 dB(A)

Freezing Capacity
31 kg/24hrs

Temperature Rise to -9°C
64 hours

Handle with lock

The handy lock on the handle ensures that the contents of the freezer remain secure at all times

Calendar and Light in lid

The pictorial calendar in the lid indicates the recommended safe times for storing individual food types and the light allows for easy viewing of the contents.

Removeable Divider and Defrost Drain

The drainage hole and drainage tray allow for easy removal of defrost water. The drainage tray doubles as a divider within the cabinet.

Lamps in Front Panel

The LED display gives a quick indication of the freezer's state.

Number of Baskets

The 31XLE model comes with 3 storage baskets complete with handles for suspending in the cabinet. Handles can be folded in to allow basket to be stored on the bottom of the cabinet if required.

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Other models:-

NOTE:  All GRAM and ELCOLD refrigeration units must be powered by either mains power or a pure sinewave inverter.
The use of a modified sinewave or squarewave inverter will void any warranty claim and may result in damage to the unit.

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